Melbourne Best Pie Specials in Melbourne

By Kristy Billing

With the end of the AFL season quickly approaching we are forced to say goodbye to another great love, the footy pie. So to fill the void this off season here are the best pies around town:

Charles Weston Hotel - 7 Weston St, Brunswick.

On Wednesday nights pies here are just $12, $15 if you add on a pot of Goat

Wesley Anne - 250 High St, Northcote.

Every Wednesday night here is pie night, with a different house made pie every week for just $12, add on a pot of Goat for an extra $

The Irish Times Pub - 427 Little Collins St, CBD

For $18 you can try one of the most popular dishes on the menu, the beef and Guinness pie, cooked to golden brown perfection with a pot or wine.


The Palace Hotel - 505 City Road, South Melbourne.

For $20 here you can indulge in the pie of the day.


P.J. O’Brien’s- Southbank, VIC

Head over on a Monday or Tuesday night to enjoy a pot and pie for just $18.


So go take advantage of some of these great pie specials and before you know it the 2017 season will be upon us and you’ll be back at the MCG with a pie in hand.



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