Melbourne Best Vegan Meals in Melbourne

VEGAN DEALS in Fitzroy/Carlton

By Kristy Billing


One of the biggest crazes in food at the moment is veganism, taking healthy eating to the next level, everywhere in Melbourne.

Here are some of the best vegan specials going around:


Veggie Bar

Located in the heart of Fitzroy the $15 Mushroom burger and fries is a must and tempts even the biggest meat eaters. The meals here can be made even better when enjoyed on the outdoor terrace.



Yong Green Food

When visiting Yong Green Food, you can’t pass up the $13 Seaweed Salad, located in Fitzroy Yong Green Food takes green to the next level, with green lattes even making their way onto the menu.




Travel down to Shakahari in Carlton to be immersed in their key focuses of using only fresh, natural ingredients and being completely vegetarian. When you get a chance, try their signature dish ‘Avocado Magic’ for just $16, but make sure you come at the right time as the menus and changed quarterly to ensure all their produce is fresh and in season.

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These vegan specials allow you to have a cheap and tasty meal without having any of the guilt associated with eating food that unhealthy for you, so dig in!



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