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Slowly but surely, Melbourne is heating up ready for another great Summer.

These are not just rooftop bars where you can enjoy the warmer weather away from all the foot traffic – they are rooftops with spectacular, Instagram worthy views. And they don’t just have drink specials – I’m talking food too. These 5 places have been carefully selected so that one may visit and leave full, from both delicious drinks as well as food.

A Top 5 Rooftop Bar post is mandatory every year with new places always opening and established places always adding specials, so we thought we would get in early so you can start the trend before there are queues out the door in December.

These are our Top 5 in no particular order:

Naked For Satan

A well-known establishment amongst any trendsetter in Melbourne and a must-visit for travellers, Naked in the Sky Rooftop is sassy and sexy with spectacular views of the top of the city all the way to the Northern Suburbs. However, at first glance of the menu, you may instantly choke at their prices for food and drink. But, not many people know about their discrete specials. Every week day lunch and Sundays from 6pm you can order any food item for only $9 each. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. You can enjoy those expensive views with delicious food and inexpensive prices every single day of the week – and bonus – no night time crowds!

Mountain View Hotel

Footy season is drawing to a close which means it’s time for you to visit here on Grand Final Day or once the footy crowds have subsided for some amazing views of the Yarra, MCG and South-East side of Town. It’s relatively small, so we suggest you arrive before a Saturday night crowd rolls in to ensure a spot! This is simply because from 4-6 Saturdays all cocktails are $10. Not to mention on Thursdays from 5-7 pots start at $3.50, pints $7, house wines $5.50 and basic spirits $6! Also, they do a different food special every week night and $12 express lunches – need I say more?

Loop Roof

Sitting amongst multi-coloured fairy lights and everywhere you look is another high-rise building jolting you into a nostalgia of NYC – this place is very cool. Not all views are about the skyline look, this rooftop’s views are the kind people pay one million for to own their own. They sell James Boag Draught on tap in a pot for $5.50 and a pint for $10.50 starting from 4pm most days. Make sure you’re looking good, because you will want to post this place on your socials.

Campari House

I know what you’re thinking, another bar in the city? Where is the diversity? But trust us on this. Our beautiful city needs to be appreciated from all angles and Campari House endorses that. With sweeping views over the bustling downtown part of the CBD. Offering $12 Espresso Martinis on a Friday night from 7-12 makes any coffee lover’s mouth salivate, as well as selected cocktails from $10 every Saturday 5-12 just to name a few specials.

The Provincial (opens on Friday 15th September)

You could say I purposely left the best till last – not necessarily for the views or the food or the drinks, but mainly because it hasn’t even opened yet, so we are letting you in on a secret. Set to open on September 15th, this article has come just in time for you to begin your Spring & Summer of drinking. With 50c wings every Thursday from 5-9 and Mondays $5 Steak from 5-9 there is no need to cook. The drinks? Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday they have $6 schooners, $6 wine and $6 spirits to get you rehydrated after a long day. Who are we kidding, we’ll see you all Friday on the corner of Brunswick and Johnston.



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