Melbourne Top 5 CBD specials in Melbourne

We know a lot of you guys work in the CBD, so to make things easier we've compiled a list of the best CBD specials in our system. Enjoy!


All-you-can-eat lunches at Desi Dhaba!
Starting at just $13.90 get your Indian fix and then keep on eating.




Half price tap beer at European Bier Cafe!
From 5pm on Mondays, get half price on all 16 taps on offer!


Craft Beer paradise on Wednesdays at Dejavu Bar.
$6 pints of craft beer from 4pm on Wednesdays. Get into the good stuff!


Parma and pint deal at the Sherlock Holmes.
Escape the heat down the stairs for a very tasty parma on Wednesdays.

End the working week at the Drunken Poet.
$6 pints of Kilkenny & Guinness await those weary workers after a long grind in the workplace.



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