Melbourne Top 5 Steak Specials in Melbourne

We've known vegetarians, that after a few beers, have wolfed down a nice tenderloin. Why shouldn't they we say, as it's the quintessential bistro meal, which many pubs are judged on. Here are our pick of Melbourne's best steak specials.


Tuesdays at the Great Northern Hotel
Consistently ranks as one of our Top 5 pubs. Match your rump steak with one of the many beers on tap.

Wednesdays at The Birmy
Wash it down with $6 pints of Bulmers or Collingwood Draught or $5 house wines, 5-7pm.

Thursdays at the Brandon Hotel
Grab a table outside and get into a $20 steak including a pot or house wine

Fridays at Bridie O'Reillys (Brunswick)
At just $5.95, is this the cheapest steak in town?

Thursdays at the Inkerman
$13 steaks ALL DAY matched with $3 pots, $5 basics & house wine, 4pm-6pm.




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