New: Pub Walking Tours!

It's long overdue, but after thousands of posts reviewing and rating our favourites beers, pubs, publicans and bands, it's about time we showed you them in person!

What tours are available?

We have two tours in MELBOURNE.

The first "Craft Brews and Live Tunes" takes place on Sunday afternoons, visiting historic venues in the Fitzroy area that appeared in our Top 50 Pubs in Melbourne list. We'll see live music, sip local craft beer/cider and learn a little bit about each on the way.

Email for price, times and availability at [email protected]


The second tour is "North of the River Brewery Tours", where we will visiting breweries around the Collingwood/Abbotsford area, having a few tasty chewy paddles along the way. We will end it at one of our favourite front bars.

Email for price, times and availability at [email protected]



Who will take the tours?
The tours will be run by Chris, founder of TheHappiestHour. As a journalist he updated the Melbourne Chapter of the Rough Guide to Australia, the Fodor's Guide to Australia and Ultimate Beer Guide Australia & New Zealand, and has been writing about pubs and craft beer for major newspapers for years. He also co-founded the Hanoi Cyclo Pub Tour and the San Telmo Craft Beer Tour (Buenos Aires), so yes tours, pubs and craft beer are his passion, especially in his home town!


What is the tour size? 
We are capping it at SIX, because that's how many people fit on a beer garden table! We want an intimate experience where everyone can learn, listen, talk and gargle.  



What time of the day will they be?
Whenever you like really, though Saturday and Sunday afternoons are the best.


Can we do private tours?
Sure. No dramas, just parmas. 

Is it a pub crawl piss up?
No, those tours already exist and that's not our BBQ. Over the years with TheHappiestHour, we've gotten to know our local brewers, publicans and bands very well. This is about selecting our favourites, supporting their crafts, and having fun while we do it. 


Any queries just email Chris at [email protected]