Drunken Poet

Drunken Poet | West Melbourne

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Where is Drunken Poet?

65 Peel st, West Melbourne, Melbourne 3003
Updated over 3 months ago


There is a bit of graffiti in the toilet of The Drunken Poet (smallest toilet in Melbourne it has to be said) that reads "(My Surname) It's time to go home". Now since my name is somewhat rare (and Irish) I'm wondering if it was directed at me or perhaps some transient Irish backpacker. It was a big surprise at the time, and the bloke outside the door was probably wondering why I shouted "What the Hell". Whatever the case, having lived In Ireland I can say that this is the most authentic Irish drinking hole I have been to in Australia. It's small, cramped, but filled with character and characters. It also showcases some of Melbourne's best musicians with little fanfare.

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