The happiest pub specials in Melbourne’s CBD

Sep 5, 2023
Welcome to the heart of Australia's cultural capital, where the clinking of glasses and the hum of laughter...

Bringing Back Happy Hour: CEO Magazine speaks with Joonas Karppinen

Aug 25, 2023
The darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic offered little choice when it came to staying entertained. Confined to...

The Happiest Hour team

Aug 24, 2023
We’ve brought in some experienced entrepreneurs into our leadership team which will help guide us towards our mission....

The Happiest Hour relaunch announcement!

Aug 22, 2023
You might remember us. Before CoVid slowed us down, The Happiest Hour was the go-to platform for pubs,...

The happiest pub specials in Sydney

Aug 17, 2023
Welcome to a journey through Sydney's most joyful and wallet-friendly watering holes! From the glittering harbour to the...

The Happiest Hour Venue Manager Guide

Aug 15, 2023
To get your venue listed on The Happiest Hour, simply follow the easy steps in this guide. Register...

The Happiest Hour App User Guide

Aug 15, 2023
Your account with The Happiest Hour gives you access to all these features: Favourite the best venues near...

The happiest pub deals in Surry Hills

Aug 1, 2023
Unveiling the happiest venues, happy hours and deals! Are you on the hunt for the best pub deals...

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