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Schnitzel Challenge

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? It starts with 1.5kg of pork Schnitzel, a bowl of chips and a litre of any Tap Bier. Finish this Bavarian Challenge in 45min and the meal is on us! Any winner gets a HB Melbourne Hat and a Schnitzel Challenger T-Shirt. Every time a winner is wearing this shirt in the establishment, they will receive one free 300ml Haus Bier. Every time! Schnitzel Challenge has to be pre ordered!
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Added 20/02/2024
Happy Hour | Happy Hour Drinks & Specials

Happy Hour

300ml German Tap Bier $6, 500ml German Tap Bier $8, 1 Liter German Tap Bier $16.
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Added 20/02/2024

Where is Hofbrauhaus?

24 Market Lane, Melbourne, Melbourne 3000
Updated 3 months ago


German restaurant/beer house right in the heart of little Chinatown. Great lunch time specials.

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