Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle
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Windsor Castle

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Happy Hour

$4 pots. $8 pints. $16 jugs of Furphy. $6.50 house wines.
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Added 08/01/2024

Where is Windsor Castle?

89 Albert St, Windsor, Melbourne 3181
Updated less than 2 months ago


A lime green exterior, bright pink elephants on the roof, and a whole range of interesting crap on the walls, the Windsor is not your average pub...and that's why we dig it. By now readers know that we hold backstreet pubs in high esteem, and considering this is well away from the horror that is Chapel st, it fits in nicely. Add a very worthy beer garden, lined with bamboo shoots, giving an equal blend of tackiness and Tahiti-ness, and possibly the most comfy nooks of any pub in the city, you'll see why it rates so highly. It's one of those rare places that is ideally suited for dates (first and last), cold winter nights, hot summer days and catching up with mates. Certainly our number one pub if in the South Yarra/Windsor/Prahran area.

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