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Over the years we've been in the media quite a bit. Whether it being praised or just asked to respond to important questions about beer. Below is a selection.

8 Best ways to save money in Sydney, Matadoor network, Jan 2018.

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Ways to save money without spoiling your social life. Synergy Wealth Solutions, Sep 2017.

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12 ways to enjoy summer without spending a fortune, AMP Online Dec 2016.

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How to save money while still going out, 5Why, Nov 2016

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30 seconds with Chris Canty, Beat Magazine, July 2016

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Outsourcing odd jobs through the sharing economy, Sydney Morning Herald, April 2016

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Tech Co Finding Patrons "Happy" at Pubs, Pubtic, April 2016

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TheHappiestHour, Broadsheet, April 2016 

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Ten great apps for uni students, Good Universities Guide, March 2016.

This app allows you to search for ‘happy hour’ deals at nearby pubs...

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Top Ten Apps to Help You Survive your first term at uni, Gizmodo, Feb 2016.

Uni isn’t all about study. In fact drinking makes up quite a large part of the uni experience...

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18 Ways to Have More Money, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Jan 2015.

There are heaps of specials out there....

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App of the Day: Sydney Morning Herald - December 2014

One of the less favourable aspects of the holiday season is the amount of money you have left over after buying all those Christmas presents.

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The Best Money Saving Apps for your device - The Snugg - December 2014

The Happiest Hour app is a great way for city dwellers to save money in a wide range of bars and restaurants...

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9 Ways to Have a Big Night Out With Little Spend, www.hippocket.com.au

As much as we can budget and plan and save, there is one overwhelmingly large recurring thing that has the ability to deplete our finances like no other

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Apps every drinker needs - Time Out Melbourne - September 2014

The futuristic magic of technology is about to make your drinking experience a whole lot more convenient...

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6 of the Best Money-Saving Apps, www.hippocket.com.au

Smartphones have quickly become commonplace in our tech savvy society, but not enough of us use them to their full financial capacity.

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The Happiest Decade! - Crafty Pint -  March 2014

It began as a student teacher’s hunt for cheap jugs of beer in Melbourne, graduated to a simple online spreadsheet, slowly spread its tentacles across Australia...

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Free food and Cheap Beer in Melbourne? - Herald Sun  - March 2014

NO SUCH thing as a free lunch? Think again. Finding a free feed in Melbourne is as easy as doing a pub crawl, if you knock on the right doors.

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App-ily ever after - The City Weekly - April 2011

Wondering where to head for after-work drinks on Friday? With the Happiest Hour app, your phone's GPS will find and display all nearby pubs and bars, a comprehensive list of happy hours and, in some cases, even photos of the venue's specials board.

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Oh, happy hours - The Sunday Age - March 2011

A gool old-fashioned happy hour (or hours, in many cases) isn't hard to find in Melbourne, but where are the great places that serve great food too? To help with your next after-work gathering, we've found some palces that tick the food and drink boxes - because keenping yourself nice still applies.

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Best iPhone apps for uni students - CNet - February 2011

Now this one will come in handy for sure. Using your phone's GPS, it will search for nearby pubs and bars and allow you to search for happy hours for either beer, wine, cocktails or food so that you can have the cheapest night out available.

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A Bar Lovers Guide - Tourism Victoria - December 2010

Drinking in Melbourne need not cost the earth with the city's bar culture offering a fantastic range of happy hour options. Often these offers remain a secret to visitors as they are usually unadvertised, known only to locals who frequent the bar - but not anymore.

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Forbidden Fruit, fortuitios find? - HeraldSun - October 2008

MONEY doesn't grow on trees, but in these tight times, someone is trying to ease the squeeze.

The Happiest Hour is a website obsessed with finding Melbourne's cheapest drinks.

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VB loses public strength too - HeraldSun - July 2007

Chris Canty, who runs the cheap beer website, thehappiesthour, got angry feedback too.

He says the grim news caused his Talking Boonie to swear and storm out of the lounge.

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Dr Booze - MX - August 2006

And if your idea of heaven is to know which watering hole is holding a happy hour at any given time, then let your fingers do the hard work

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Siteseeing - Sunday HeraldSun - May 2006

MOST Aussies enjoy travel and love a beer-here is a kind of beer heaven for those who want to know where the happy hours are happening in Australia's capital cities.

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TheHappiestHour - Talk Magazine - May 2006

talk magazine talks to Chris Canty, creator and quality control officer of www.thehappiesthour.com, a site that has achieved cult status by listing the cheapest drink prices around Australia.

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Happy Hour's Back - HeraldSun - August 2004

FOR Melbourne mates Chris Canty and Tom Redmond, happiness comes in many forms. Mostly, however, it comes in pots, schooners, pints and jugs.
For them, beauty is not so much in the eye of the beholder as the beerholder - and the bar can't be set low enough for their liking.

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