Riverside Hotel

Riverside Hotel | Hobart

Discover exclusive specials at Riverside Hotel in Hobart, Hobart.

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Footy Jugs | Happy Hour Drinks & Specials

Footy Jugs

$14.99 Carlton Draught or Boags Draught 1140ml Jugs. Limited Time Only
Available on:
Added 23/04/2024
All Day Every Day Specials  | Happy Hour Drinks & Specials

All Day Every Day Specials

Great Northern Super Crisp $6.5 Schooner (Upgrade to a Pint for +$1) | Balter Cerveza $7 355ml BTL, $25 Bucket of 4 | Joseph Chromy Pinot Gris $9.5 SML, $14.5 LRG, $40 BTL | Grey Goose Vodka $9.5 30ml NIP+MIX | Smirnoff Ice Red $10.5 300ml BTL | $11 Soft Drink 1140ml Jugs
Available on:
Added 23/04/2024

Where is Riverside Hotel?

407 West Tamar Highway, Hobart, Hobart 7000
Updated 3 months ago

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