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Happy Hour

Strawberry & Bay Spagliatos for $12, espresso martinis for $15, and Stone & Wood pints for $10. 4pm-6pm Monday through Friday.
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Added 03/06/2024

Where is Rooftop?

Level 7, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne, Melbourne 3000
Updated 3 weeks ago


The name says it all really: a bar…on a roof…in Melbourne! Having opened in 2006, we’ve been rattling away on the seventh and uppermost floor of Swanston Street’s historic Curtin House (c.1922), and since then we have ferociously guarded our reputation for the finest views over central Melbourne. In fact, without sounding too swaggering, we like to think our establishment helped pioneer the trend that is drinking on an inner-city roof – hence bagging such an apt name.

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