Casa Ristorante Italiano.

Casa Ristorante Italiano. | Sydney

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Want something to toast to? Let’s all raise our glass to having a Happy Hour that’s offered EVERYDAY of the week! HAPPY HOUR WINE – $10 Brut Sauvignon Blanc Shiraz HOUSE BEERS- $10 Beers – $10 HOUSE SPIRITS – $10 Bacardi Gin Scotch whisky Tequila Vodka
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Added 13/03/2024

Where is Casa Ristorante Italiano.?

42-48 The Promenade, Sydney, Sydney 2000
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Located on the iconic waterfront at King Street Wharf, Casa Ristorante Italiano is a hive of activity all year round. With Alfresco dinning, Private Rooms and Open Kitchens as well as million dollar views of the harbor, Casa offers a touch of exclusivity minus the hefty price tag.

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