East Village Balmain

East Village Balmain | Balmain East

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$25 Steak & Red Wine | Happy Hour Drinks & Specials

$25 Steak & Red Wine

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Added 14/03/2024
$25 Burger & Schooner | Happy Hour Drinks & Specials

$25 Burger & Schooner

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Added 14/03/2024

Where is East Village Balmain?

82 Darling St, Balmain East, Sydney 2041
Updated less than 2 months ago


This old neighbourhood watering hole went through something of an awkward adolescence, going from a crusty local joint to a Belgian Beer Caf? for a five-year continental break. But now it has been restored to a sensible old pub with a penchant for craft beer and it's a look that suits it.

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