Restaurant Hubert
Restaurant Hubert
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Restaurant Hubert

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Apéritif Hour

Lager $7 - Hubert Vin Blanc $7 - Hubert Vin Rouge $7 - Gin & Tonic $7 - Dubonnet Highball $7 - Chartreuse Apple $7 - Negroni $12. Selection of eats also available ranging from $6 - $18.
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Added 11/01/2024

Where is Restaurant Hubert?

15 Bligh St, Sydney, Sydney 2000
Updated less than 2 months ago


Hubert is a restaurant for people who love restaurants. It’s a love letter to the kind of big night out that starts in the bar, takes in a show and lingers long, from Martini and oysters to cheese and Cognac. And maybe even another Martini.

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