Beers Pot, Schooner, Pint or Jug?

By Tom Redmond

This information is tedious but important.

Pots/Middy: 285ml

Pints: 568ml

Jug: 1140ml

Schooner: 425ml

The maths is relatively simple. A pot is one millilitre more than half the size of a pint. A jug is four millilitres more than two pints. Consequently, four pots equal exactly one jug. Schooners also fit nicely into the equation: they’re around 50% larger than a pot, or 25% smaller than a pint. So, a $2 pot is the same value as a $3 schooner or a $4 pint or an $8 jug.

Now that’s clear, it’s worth pointing out what the cluey tightarses amongst you will already know: you can pour more than four pots from most jugs owing to the capacity of a jug beyond it’s standard size and the missing capacity of a pot owing to the size of it’s head.

My advice: if you can’t do the maths, follow your heart.




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