The Happiest Hour relaunch announcement!

The Happiest Hour relaunch announcement! | Happy Hour Drinks & Specials

You might remember us. Before CoVid slowed us down, The Happiest Hour was the go-to platform for pubs, specials and events across Australia since 2004.

Prior to covid there were over 150k searches on our platform each month, as people discovered the best local venues to attend with family and friends. Covid put the entire hospitality industry on hold, but over the past 12 months we’ve been busy rebuilding the next version of The Happiest Hour, to help you get out more, to get your happy back.

Australia has some of the best pubs in the world, and most of them have great offers and events that many don’t know about. We’re on a mission to bust peoples’ post covid habits and shift their love from food delivery apps and solo wine on the couch at home, to getting out with family and friends to local venues, who are still 5-10% off their revenue highs of pre-covid.

So you may have a few questions on your mind.

How will the launch be rolled out?

We will stage the roll out on a city-by-city basis, with a focus on the areas in which we have the most users. The current light launch roll-out plan is:

  • Surry Hills (Sydney) - Live now*
  • Sydney CBD - Live now*
  • Week of 21/8/23: Melbourne CBD
  • Week of 28/8/23: Most pub dense suburbs in Sydney
  • Week of 4/9/23: Most pub dense suburbs in Melbourne
  • Week of 11/9/23: Other cities


What’s new with The Happiest Hour V2.0?


Check out the “What’s new on the platform” section below for the bullet points on features, but on a higher level we have:

Tech: Built the entire platform on a faster and more agile tech stack, which will allow us to iterate and build new features more quickly.

Team: We’ve brought in some experienced entrepreneurs into our leadership team which will help guide us towards our mission. Our leadership team is here.

Capacity: Let’s call a spade a spade. The Happiest Hour has always been a “side hustle” for myself and the team. It’s now time to give The Happiest Hour a “proper go” and see what we can all build together.

What’s new on the platform?

  • Favourite the best venues near you
  • First to be notified of new offers at your favourite venues
  • Add your food and drink preferences and be notified of new specials you’ll love
  • Review venues
  • Add images of your experiences to venues’ listings
  • Recommend venues and specials if you can’t find them
  • Coming soon - earn loyalty points


So in summary, we’re super excited to roll out The Happiest Hour V2.0 for pub-goers and to the legendary venues across Australia.

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