Australia Melbourne is reopening!

Hi all,

After lockdown hit on March 25th last year, THH went to a barebones operation, changing our platform from listing venue specials to those that offered takeaway food. It was our small way in trying to support the hospitality industry.
In the last few months we have watched carefully as venues slowly began to return to normality (or the new normal), writing on their chalkboards across the city, to offer the deals that many have become known for.
That Taco Tuesday which had become an unofficial sharehouse dinner; the Thursday Trivia at the local brewery which became the excuse to catch up with old friends; or the hump day parma that splits up the week perfectly.
Last week we decided it was the right time to contact the venues and see what the response would be. Are specials coming back and is it time to fully restart our platform? The response has been emphatic.
In the past week we have had over 110 Melbourne specials uploaded from venues eager to get people back through their doors. Have a look at what is around you, grab a mate and go forth we say.
Thanks for supporting us again and more importantly your local.
TheHappiestHour team 😁





31 Mar 2020 10:35 PM


10 Feb 2021 12:57 AM


Latest Specials

East Village (Darlinghurst)
$5 FROTHIES IN PUBLIC BAR! (Toohey's New, Philter XPA and House Wines)
East Village (Darlinghurst)
$10 cocktail happy hour in Public Bar!
East Village (Darlinghurst)
$10 Tommy's Margarita's in Public Bar
East Village (Darlinghurst)
$10 Negroni's all day in Public Bar!
East Village (Darlinghurst)
$15 Burger of the week in Public Bar!
East Village (Darlinghurst)
$15 Schnitty's, $20 Parmy's in Public Bar!
East Village (Darlinghurst)
$12 Rump Steaks all day long!
Radium Bar (Hawthorn)
$10 Easy Cocktails 5-7pm Everyday (not open Monday/Tuesdays) BYO Food-Uber Allowed