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Sneak Peek New App and Website launching in July


Earlier this year we surveyed our venues and users on what they want from The Happiest Hour in the future. The response was huge, with over 200 pubs and over 1,000 users giving their feedback. Since then, our developers have been beavering away to implement the new features, and in July we'll go live. This will be our biggest development release ever, and we can't wait to see what you think. 

Below are some common questions we get.



Q) Will I be able to search for specific specials such as steaks, 2-4-1s, all-you-can-eats etc?

A) Yes you will be able to search for specific specials in the new release.


Q) Sometimes I find specials that are no longer available as they've expired, what will you do about this?

A) You will have visibility over when a special was last updated, and any that are older than 3 months will disappear from the platform.


Q) Will I be able to find the most ridiculously good deals such as 10c wings more easily?

A) We'll introduce an "Editor's Picks" button, that will allow users to find these crazy deals in one click.


Q) Will I be able to find the newest specials in my area?

A) Yes, in two clicks you'll be able to find the newest specials nearby or in an area of your choice.


Q) How am I able to find out as soon as my favourite pubs offer new specials or events?

A) You simply "Favourite" your favourite venues, and then you'll get an automatic push notification when those venues update their specials/events.


Q) I'm interested in finding upcoming pub events, will you offer events on your platform?

A) Yes, in the next release, venues will be able to load up their upcoming events and users will be able to search for them by their category.


Q) Will you offer free beer and cocktails to all Happiest Hour users at all venues?

A) Hmm, we'll get back to you on this one. Maybe when we hit 1 million users next year.


Above is a sneak peak into some of our new features, but there will be plenty more updates over the rest of the year.

If you'd like to see anything in particular then feel free to shoot us an email to [email protected]


Finally, sign up HERE to be the first to know when we launch.


Cheers, The Happiest Hour Team.







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