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Bookstores are dying, but those that want to survive are being pro-active in looking after their customers.

I was in a bookstore the other day, when I couldn't help over hear the electronically amplified voice of a man talking about 19th century Indonesian poetry, or more specifically, poetry from the Island of Lombok. I was about to sprint (something I haven't done since primary school) in the other direction, when I also heard the sound of wine glasses so I sprinted towards them instead. For the next hour my wine glass was consistently topped up, as I day dreamed just enough to ignore the ramblings of the speaker and the well timed blurted yet polite laughter of tipsy academics.


I support the Arts….or rather when I walk past an Art gallery that is having some kind of a launch, I enter, grab some canapés, some wine, and go in front of a painting (nodding every 15 seconds) until I need refuelling. When questioned about what you think simply say "It's very Forandy meets Quatter". Completely made up words of course but no one thinks to question such is the obscure nature of the industry.


I went to a function at Fed Square earlier in the year, and I didnt realise I was at the wrong one until about 2 hours into it. When I was asked for my invite by the security while entering, I took out the wrong one and he (and I) didnt know any different. Thus it's always worth walking confidently in, waving your Tru Energy Bill, when asked and enjoying whatever the hell they are celebrating.




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