Melbourne Three Reasons why Sundays are the best

Three reasons why Sunday sessions are the best!

1. The Roasts:

So you’ve decided to move out of home at the age of 32...good for you. Alas where will you find those roasts that magically appeared on your kitchen table? Our first port of call is always The Fox Hotel. They have a $24 two-course deal that changes weekly which is top quality and matched with some tasty craft beers. Up the Road the Brandon has $7 pints all day to go with their $24 Roast (so it evens out). Our newest and cheapest deal is the Retreat's (Abbotsford) $15 roast, while down south Bridie's has something called the "monster roast" for $25. Who needs parents?

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The Retreat's $15 Sunday Roast

2. The Music:

While Friday/Sat Nights are often crammed with people, trying to get a glimpse of the hipster singing angst ridden songs about growing up in Warrnambool, on Sundays it’s a much more chilled affair. Fitzroy is easily the best option for this. The Rainbow has the beer garden to satisfy a Sunday session (and a great roast as well for $22), followed by a short walk to Labour in Vain which always has free tunes starting at around 5pm. Close to the CBD our 2017 Top Venue, the Drunken Poet, never fails and rocketing up our list of favourite pubs the Edinburgh Castle, is another musically inclined destination. 

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Labour In Vain on a Sunday arvo

3. The Crowd:

Sunday peeps always seem a bit more chilled. They're hungover, work in hospitality and don't have to worry about getting up on a Monday morning. That’s the type of people we like. Hanging out on the street tables, next to our semi-locked bicycles, sipping pints and talking shite. Perfect pubs for this are Windsor Castle, the Yarra Hotel and the Lord Newry

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Edinburgh Castle's beer garden



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